Main Menu

All E-Z-MRP menus display simple, jargon-free, point-and-click buttons.

Bill of Materials Main Menu

With just a few simple choices, all Bill of Materials functions can be accessed. Of particular value is E-Z-MRP’s Copy a Bill function, which allows you to quickly create a ‘same as except’ bill or even a whole family of related products.

Part Master

All fields necessary to defining a part are presented on one simple screen. All fields except the part number and the source code are optional. E-Z-MRP won’t require you to do anything you don’t need to do in order to get what you want.

Bill of Materials Report

The Bill of Materials report form presents a host of options that allows you to generate just the report you want. You can even specify a range of part numbers and print out all the bills of material in that part number range.

In all E-Z-MRP reports, the options you select are stored and displayed the next time you want to run the report. And these options are stored separately for each user so E-Z-MRPlearns’ your preferences over time.

Material Planning Main Menu

Once again, you can see how E-Z-MRP’s approach to simple but comprehensive operation gives you complete command of the Material Planning function with just a few clear choices.

Supply Side Maintenance

On this one screen you can perform all of the functions to maintain your supply side data:

  • Make direct changes to quantity on hand
  • Enter new P.O. line items
  • Enter new work orders
  • Receive parts on P.O.s
  • Release work orders
    • Automatically deduct the kit contents from inventory at your option
    • De-kit’ work orders putting the inventory back on the shelf
  • Complete work orders (partial completions supported)
  • Each inventory transaction creates an audit trail record containing:
    • quantity
    • standard price
    • actual price (for purchase price variance reporting)
    • transaction date
    • an audit reference to identify why the transaction was made
    • a lot or serial number for lot or serial number tracking and reporting

There is a corresponding Demand Side Maintenance form to enter sales orders and forecasts and ship orders, complete or partial. And just like on the Supply Side, each transaction that affects quantity on hand generates an audit trail record.

Supply Side Report

Here again you can see E-Z-MRP’s simplified approach to report generation. Several fields are available for sorting on up to three levels. You can enter greater than or equal to (>=) and/or less than or equal to (<=) values on a variety of fields to filter the contents or the report to just the data you’re most interested in.

A quick inventory value is displayed at the bottom of the form and will change as you make changes to the data selections. So you can easily retrieve a total inventory value for just a specific class code, all of your Buy Parts, or even a specific part number or range of part numbers.

There is a corresponding Demand Side Report form with the same flexible sort and select options.

Make Report – Sorting

Choose how you want to sort the report that will tell you what you need to make. The Make Report comes in three flavors:

  1. Full – show all issues and receipts from inventory based on your firm and planned work orders
  2. Net Only – show only items requiring action
  3. Order Date Sequence – shows the unmet demands for all parts sorted by order date; it can also serve as a “ hot list” for Production Control (or Purchasing in the case of the Buy Report)

Make Report – Data Selection

You can choose to limit the parts and detail data on this report by entering greater than or equal to (>=) and/or less than or equal to (<=) values on a variety of fields, filtering the report to show just the data you’re interested in.

There are two corresponding forms for the Buy report, which reports the same information for all of your procurement activities – Buy parts as well as Sub-Contract parts.

Kit List

Select by Assembly Part Number or Work Order Number a convenient report to be used by inventory control to pull parts from inventory in preparation for releasing a work order.

Audit Trail

Once again E-Z-MRP shows its power by allowing you to tailor the contents of the Audit Trail Report to create a wide variety of valuable outputs.