Manufacturing Confidence

Manufacturing Confidence

MRP Software plans your material requirements the same way you do, or would if you had the time, patience and accuracy. There is nothing magical or particularly complicated about inventory and production planning.

Just like you, E-Z-MRP looks at all of your customer orders and forecasts and, from your bills of material (BOMs), figures out what you need to make and buy. It subtracts everything you already have on hand or on order. And then, from the lead time to make or buy each item, E-Z-MRP calculates when you should place your purchase orders and when you should open your work orders, so that you finish your products on time to meet the ship dates you promised to your customers.

 A Manufacturer’s Solution

For some large manufacturers Material Planning or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an indispensable tool. No manufacturer should do without it. Until E-Z-MRP came into the market in 1984 many businesses could afford neither the initial cost nor the resources required to maintain a full-blown manufacturing planning software system.

Yet it doesn’t take too many products or too many parts before the manual or spreadsheet approach fails, and a company becomes the victim of its own success – with inventories out of control, and production planning and execution failing.

Unlike more complex material planning software products, E-Z-MRP software does not require you to do anything you don’t want to do in order to get just the production planning information you need. E-Z-MRP Software has evolved for the past 34 years to solve the production and procurement planning and execution problems all manufacturers faced – what to make and buy and when – and it is as easy to use and effective today as it was then.

No on-site or off-site training is required. No consultants are needed to help you implement it. Just read the manual and run. Anyone who can read and count to 20 can install, implement and run E-Z-MRP. E-Z-MRP Software is affordable. You’ll be impressed with how much system you get for the low cost of E-Z-MRP. We offer a free phone-in consulting service on any question you have related to manufacturing systems, whether it has to do with E-Z-MRP or not.

Meeting the Prerequisites to Profitability in Manufacturing

E-Z-MRP Software not only gets your raw materials in on time, it allows you to run as close to just-in-time as you are comfortable – approaching zero inventories as a goal. Its material planning, purchasing and inventory reports also allow you to establish just-in-time relationships with your vendors, giving you large quantity price breaks but paying only as you receive materials. This frees up working capital and shifts your inventory control to your vendors.

  • Accurate inventory control – so you know when to buy, how much to buy, and, just as important, what not to buy, in order to minimize your inventory and ensure that the components you need are on hand when it comes time to manufacture.


  • Solid production planning – create a realistic and accurate production schedule, releasing work orders in time to make your shipping commitments.


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