Red River College Mechanical Engineering technology has been teaching MRP with the use of MRP software for 21 years. We switched to E-Z-MRP because the software we were using could not support our lab requirements.

E-Z-MRP has outperformed the old software in every aspect. We used to be plagued with system lockups, crashes, printing problems and lost data.

E-Z-MRP made all these problems go away. The training manual is excellent and students have no problem navigating through the software. We use the software to plan a complete manufactured product with work orders, purchases orders, operation times, work centers and routings.

It’s an excellent tool that stands up to the rigorous demands of a teaching environment.”

Leon Fainstein, P.ENG.
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Red River College

[E-Z-MRP] …was the perfect balance of simplicity and function. Implementation was speedy. I’d say it was up in about eight weeks… It’s been great. We have 100 percent satisfaction.”

Brett Clare
San Diego, California

“We are using E-Z-MRP for more than six – seven years and it is a great business tool for us, it makes our job easy to manage our inventory and production needs, it is very simple to use, there are no complication, we will be using this system for years to come.”

Dennis Savalia
General Manager
Hirel Plastics & Molding Corp

“We’ve been using E-Z MRP for several years, and are very happy with it. It is a cost-effective MRP program that does the job for our company.”

Frank Federman
Active Thermal Management

E-Z-MRP is a great solution for engineering prototype application. It provides full “Power” MRP with minimal overhead interaction. Service is super. I have used this application for 4 years now and don’t know how we got along without it!”

Leslie Capik
Senior Material Program Manager
for a Fortune 100 chip manufacturer

Water Witch Inc. is a small family run business with very few computer skills. That is why it was imperative that we find simple software with the best service. We found it with E-Z-MRP. Rocky is the best.”

Tony Abbott

“I have been a user of E-Z-MRP for three and one half years now and find this software extremely easy to understand and use. I have worked with larger systems in the past ( IBM Copics and IQ Enterprise) and found them to be over kill for a small business. E-Z-MRP allows me to see my open sales orders, procurement schedule for my raw materials, view my open purchase orders and bills of material with a click of the mouse. How easy is that?

When I start my business day I can look at two reports and know what’s going on for the day. There are more modules available for more detail. The audit trail report I use all day long to see what shipped, raw material history etc.

I really like the ability to change the Source Code and Class Code to change the way my reports look.

I have never had to wait more than one hour for help. Customer service is outstanding!!! Get this America they answer the phone when you call, you don’t get that from the big boys.

All in all I am a happy customer.”

Jerry Stouffer
Operations Manager
Hi-Rel Plastics and Molding

“I would like to compliment you on your E-Z-MRP manufacturing system. I have been installing MRP systems for 20 years and have used none better. The report generation is easily understood and versatile; the Select and Sort options are especially well thought out… Full Pegging in the Material Requirements Report is something I didn’t expect to see in an PC system…All modules are well integrated. …Again, it is a great system and much ‘bigger’ than its price – a great value. How you got all the MRP features on a PC is beyond me!”

Bob Dvorak
Materials Manager
California Amplifier
Camarillo, California

E-Z-MRP is easy to install, to operate, and to understand. The installation took one month to accomplish. We are now running MRP once every working day. The system paid for itself in the first few months of operation. Technical support…has been excellent. The few problems we have had were quickly resolved by telephone.

Victor Gonzales
Ballast Division General Manager
Lumisitemas, S.A. de C.V.
Mexico City, Mexico

“I have to admit I was a little wary of your product. Being a start-up company we obviously couldn’t afford to make a mistake on an MRP system. The decision to buy your software was a big one for us at the time and it turned out to be one of the best decisions we could have made. E-Z-MRP is the best buy for PC MRP systems on the market. It’s easy to install and the parts master, product structure, and inventory implementation is quick. Every time my boss and I talk about the system, he always says, ‘that’s the best $3000 we ever spent.”

Gus Reimer
Materials Manager
Scientific Computer Systems
San Diego, California

“Our Change Control clerk who has never used a computer, has stated to me how clearly defined your operations manual is and how easy it is to implement your programs on the computer. Thanks for your support and patience.”

Al Pape
Change Control Department Manager
Electro-Nucleonics, Inc.
Fairfield, New Jersey

“We at Borg-Warner have really benefited from your program…the program has paid for itself many times over. …We find the costing capabilities very useful, as it allows us to quickly do ‘what if’s’ with our quoting and costing of products. …Thanks again for a top quality product.”

Rodney E. Barr
Sr. Mechanical Engineer
Borg-Warner Automotive
Electronic Sensor Division
Cary, North Carolina

“We found your manual to be well-written in understandable language. The system and menus are easy to follow even for inexperienced operators. We have been very happy with the system-to-cost ratio, and especially with the tremendous support…”

Gary Shmer
Vice-President of Engineering
Perrin Manufacturing, Inc.
Alliance, Nebraska

“Your E-Z-MRP is easy to understand and I would recommend it to any manufacturing concern of small to medium size.”

Ed Plonske
Purchasing Manager
Alternative Pioneering Systems, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“We use E-Z-MRP for lot traceability and it’s really accurate. We especially like the automatic deduction system feature.”

American Cardiac Ablation
Taunton, Maine
(Medical Products)

“Probably one of the easiest ways of starting an MRP system within any company.”

Bergmann Precision
Phoenix, Arizona
(Metal Fabrication)

It’s easy! For a PC-based MRP system, it does a lot of the things that the more complicated systems do. The new manual is great!”

Shield Rite, Inc.
Albuquerque, New Mexico
(Government Contractor)

“Its name says it all – easy to learn. You’re only one phone call away for help with problems. We’ve had no problem yet that the company hasn’t been able to solve.”

Robodyne Corporation
Rugby, North Dakota

“We use E-Z-MRP to build our own product lines as well as contract assembly work. We have been using it for 5 years and the program has been updated, incorporating changes that we need. Our company has grown and the program has grown with it.”

Continental Laboratory Products
San Diego, California
(Laboratory Supply Manufacturer)

“For the dollars and cents involved, E-Z-MRP is one of the better programs I’ve ever seen. It has great flexibility and versatility.”

MicroPoint Corporation
Houston, Texas