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Beach Access Software Adds Capacity Planning to E-Z-MRP


Del Mar, California; September 30, 2004 - Beach Access Software of Del Mar, California, announces the addition of a Capacity Planning module to its entry-level integrated manufacturing system – E-Z-MRP.

The Capacity Planning module allows users to define work centers, enter labor routings for each manufactured part, and generate graphic and tabular reports. These reports show each day what work is flowing through each work center and what percent of each work center’s capacity is being utilized.

“The user does very little input to get some very valuable output,” said Rocky Smolin, president of Beach Access Software. “The work center definitions and labor routings change very little once entered. And the work center loading is being driven by demands from other parts of the E-Z-MRP system. ”

Smolin said the Capacity Planning reports give a small manufacturer visibility over manufacturing bottlenecks that may not occur for weeks. It also gives them the time they need to respond to capacity constraints, adjust their delivery schedules, and meet their customer commitments. “It’s a benefit usually reserved for much larger companies with much larger systems,” he said.

In addition to the new Capacity Planning module, E-Z-MRP includes a complete Bill of Materials processor and a Material Planning and Tracking module that generates the standard MRP Make and Buy reports. The system also offers a Physical Inventory function and a Purchase Order module for printing purchase orders.

And, like previous versions, E-Z-MRP supports multiple databases, making it easy to do simulations or answer “what-if” questions without disrupting the production database.

The cost of E-Z-MRP is $2,995. “I think that pricing and buying software should be as easy as learning and using it,” Smolin said. “E-Z-MRP has one price - $2,995. That includes everything we have - it always has and it always will. You can’t pay more and you can’t pay less.”

E-Z-MRP runs on any Windows-based PC or network, and requires Microsoft’s Access 2000 or later to run.


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